Bio-huh? OK - let's see... after living in numerous parts of the world (and the country) as a military dependent, I finally came "home" to the American West (fortunately while I was still mostly a kid)--Arizona, specifically. It took hold of me immediately and I immersed myself in it. ...the land, the culture,the history..., with a tremendous passion that continues to this day. Sometimes it might be sharing a brown-paper wrapped bottle with Navajo winos in the wooded outskirts of Flagstaff listening to their tragic stories of proud and sacred traditions lost - sometimes raising champagne glasses with millionaires and celebrities in a posh Santa Fe restaurant toasting the success of recent artistic endeavors. Oh... did I mention that I'd been drawing and cultivating a deep creative spirit for as long as memory serves? No formal education, mind you, no impressive degrees... just doing it with eye, hand, and, of course... heart. The mid-to-late 80's and early 90's found a tremendous public interest in Southwestern culture. .. Santa Fe Style... adobes and luminarios... teal-green and pink howling coyotes... red chilies and silver conchos... Many artists jumped on the bandwagon. With a passion for the West and an established artistic talent... what the hell... I jumped on with them. And found myself smack-dab in "the Art Biz"... Representation and a few one-man shows in some high-profile galleries (in such diverse places as Scottsdale, Santa Fe, La Jolla, Aspen, Boca Raton, even Paris, France; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan) and national publications brought acclaim and success almost too easily... My work has found its way into some of the most prestigious collections of Western Art in the world. I have had the great good fortune to meet some of the most wonderful and interesting people - artists, writers, collectors, celebrities and people who just share a deep and personal interest in the Great American West. I have also had the great misfortune to encounter the lowest and crookedest bastards you can imagine - the ArtBiz is big money and big money attracts some vile and greedy characters. I've done some big projects, made some big money, and been big-time ripped off. Such is the Art Business... Things have cooled off from that Southwest-style frenzy of a few years ago... and that's good. Now we can cut through all that pretentious and trendy bullshit and get back to focus on the Real American West... its beauty, its power, its moods and feelings, its tragedies... These are paintings and images inspired by Western America where I live, travel, and continue to be in awe. Some pieces are powerful. Some are gentle. Some are about history... tradition... ceremony... religion; most are about Man and his relationship with Nature. All are just one man's reaction to this incredible place... I welcome your comments... your ideas. If you are interested in the purchase of artwork, some other business arrangement, or just want more information, please contact me here at the studio. Thanks.